Leadership & Staff

Our Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Gregory  C. Trotter

Sister Doris Trotter

Pastor Gregory C. Trotter was born in Laurel, Mississippi. He’s the oldest son of John and Mae Joyce Trotter. He graduated, with honors, from Heidelberg High School (Heidelberg, MS.) in 1973. After high school he joined the United States Army and served from 1973 to 1981. Upon receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to civilian life and joined UPS in Abilene, Texas and retired after 25 years of service.

Ministerial Staff

Rev. James E. Jenkins Sr., Senior Assistant to the Pastor


Rev. Michael Webb, Assistant to the Pastor


Rev. Stacey Duffey, Youth Minister


Rev. Dedrick Adell

Rev. Michael Birt

Rev. Virgil Bryant

Rev. Jerry Conner

Rev. Donnie Devereaux

Rev. Vincent Dotson

Rev. Leslie Dukes

Rev. Timothy Greer

Rev. Michael Greer

Rev. Jarvis Johnson

Rev. James Jones

Rev. Mark McCoy

Rev. Phillip McLeod

Rev. Mario McManus

Rev. Milton Nash

Rev. Frank Peterson

Rev. Torey Porter

Rev. Solomon Stewart

Rev. Terence Thurman

Rev. Larry Walker

Rev. Willard White

Rev. Kenneth Williams

Our Deacons

Deacon Lamar Jordan, Chairman

Telephone: 214-223-3782
Email: jordanlamar27@yahoo.com

Deacon Melvin Lock, Vice Chairman

Telephone: 318-518-7843
Email: melvinflock@gmail.com

Deacon Willie Adams

Deacon Len Amour

Deacon Kevin Bethea

Deacon Archie Bostic

Deacon Gregory Brannon

Deacon Peter Burns

Deacon James Carr

Deacon Keevin Dailey

Deacon Vincent Dayries

Deacon Ken Derrough

Deacon Ivan Diggs

Deacon George Gibson

Deacon Norman Harris

Deacon Alvin Hendrick

Deacon Olton Ingram

Deacon Gene Johnson

Deacon Louis Keys

Deacon Anthony Lewis

Deacon Tony Burrell

Deacon Harvey Lyons

Deacon Jerry McClellan

Deacon Darryl Mitchell

Deacon Trenis Ramsey

Deacon Steve Reaves

Deacon Brian Richardson

Deacon Foster Robinson

Deacon Glen Sanders

Deacon Alfred Scott

Deacon Steven Sistrunk

Deacon Corey Tate

Deacon Ed Wallace

Deacon Hollis Wilkins

Junior Deacons

Trustee Board Members

Trustee Wilbur Crossley, Chairman
Trustee James Collins, Vice Chairman
Trustee Donnette Holder, Board Secretary
Trustee Gary Patterson
Trustee Phil Boyd
Trustee Rev. Michael Webb
Trustee Sherri Sistrunk
Trustee Rev. Stacey Duffey
Trustee Truman Greene

Administrative Staff

Rev. James E. Jenkins Sr., Church Business Administrator

Telephone: 972-624-3055
Email: jjenkins@fbc-tc.org

Linda Johnson, Pastor’s Ministry Assistant

Telephone: 972-624-3001
Email: Ljohnson@fbc-tc.org

Michelle L. Jones, Church Clerk

Telephone: 972-624-3008
Email: ChurchClerk@fbc-tc.org

Patricia Whaley, Church Business Administrator Assistant

Telephone: 972-624-3000
Email: PMontgomery@fbc-tc.org